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26 February 2020 / Featured

Beastie Boys and Butterflies

Elisa volunteers for Addison Road Community Organisation every week. You may have seen her working at the Main Gates on Sundays, but we know her best for keeping our kitchen well-organised and clean as a whistle...
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22 February 2020 / Featured

Living for the City

Barbara Licha opens her 'In Progress' exhibition at Addi Road's Up Space Gallery.
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21 February 2020 / Featured

Inner West March and Festival for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

We come together in the belief that we must challenge harmful forces that are growing in our society.
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5 February 2020 / Featured, Food Relief

V is for Victory

"We love what Addi Road's Food Pantry does. Because of what we do at Vic on Park, avoiding food waste is at the forefront of our minds all the time – on a business level, and on an individual level too." Alex Smith, Manager, Vic on the Park Hotel.
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24 December 2019

In the Moment – Making music with Polly

"I tend to be dreamy and not present a lot. It’s the only time I am wholly invested in something and totally in the moment.”
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20 December 2019

Under Pressure – Remembering Mental Health Month

As Christmas approaches, we felt it was important we remember our Community.a.Fair event during Mental Health Month last October.
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17 December 2019 / Featured

Addison Road Community Organisation Annual Report 2019

We are catalysing change in many areas... serving our community with our largest and most diverse programme delivery in five years.
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14 December 2019

Remembering our Seniors.a.Fair Day

“We like to be in the news!"
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13 December 2019 / Food Relief

Cold Chisel: putting food on the table

Jimmy Barnes: “There’s too many people in Australia going hungry."
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13 December 2019

The Gift

Looking for a special place to buy gifts this Christmas? Try Addi Road's Fair Trade Emporium.
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