Australia Talks data shows most of us agree Australia is a racist place. (ABC News: Mridula Amin)

#RacismNOTWelcome is a grassroots movement. An anti-racism campaign driven by local communities, organisations, businesses and Councils.

It is growing into one of the most important social justice campaigns ever seen in Australia. 

#RacismNOTWelcome launched

Initiated by the Inner West Multicultural Network in partnership with Addi Road, the campaign was launched by the Inner West Council in November 2020 with the installation of #RacismNOTWelcome street signs in the community, along with videos, an art exhibition and public forums.

Councils across Australia vote for change 

In June 2021, national support for the campaign was won at the Australian Local Government Association conference in Canberra – an organisation representing 537 local councils across the country – there was a unanimous and historic vote endorsing the campaign.

Now the work really begins for all of Australia

We must act to mark this desire for change; and ensure that every council erects the #RacismNOTWelcome street signs – and speaks in unity to say there is no corner of this country where we accept racism.

Fund change on the streets of every neighbourhood

Support #RacismNOTWelcome advocacy, growing the resource, community events and forums 

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Addi Road Podcast

Postponed not silenced 

Exploring the roots of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to help us reflect on our own country, cultures and history in Australia. 

Produced by Kween G in collaboration with the Inner West Multicultural Network. Listen on Podbean and Spotify.

Kween G interviewing Craig Foster outside of the Addi Road Food Pantry