Our vision:

A community which is equal, just, sustainable, and diverse.

We are a community organsation who run a wide variety of human rights, arts & culture and sustainability community development programs.

Established in 1976, we are Australia’s largest community centre and are often referred to as the birthplace of multiculturalim in Australia.

Our grounds comprise of 3.5 hectares of Crown Land which, from 1913-1975, was an army depot. Today we maintain the grounds and the dozens of former army buildings within our grounds, most of them never built for long-term use.

We provide discounted premises to dozens of community organisations, NGOs and artists within our community centre buildings.

Ours is a small team with a big impact. 

We coordinate, and are supported by, hundreds of volunteers who help us deliver food relief to thousands of people in need. 

It’s a huge team effort to make our mission for human rights, arts & culture and sustainability a reality.

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History of Addison Road

An army depot through the two World Wars, the Commonwealth handed over a tired and dilapidated depot in 1976 for public use as a community centre and recreational space. 

We provide spaces in our community centre to community services, a community radio station, many artists, theatre groups, mental health services and a community garden, to name a few.

Addi Road Community Organisation is responsible for the head lease and licences space to over 40 individuals and organisations.

Each organisation we provide space to supports the community either through arts & culture, social justice, equality and wellbeing programs, or environmental sustainability.

Our aim is to have diverse and complimentary services and groups at within our community centre so a diverse cross-section of our community can benefit and be supported.

Our constitution, head lease from Crown Lands, recent annual reports,  Conservation Management Plan and strategic plan is available.

Addi Road has published two books:

  • Ten Ordinary Men: The ANZACS of Addi Road, and
  • Children’s book, The Hollow Tree