Honour Roll for Peace

What do Gough Whitlam, Pemulwuy and the Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band have in common? They’re all on the Addi Road Honour Roll for Peace.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Honour Roll for Peace flanks the gates to Addi Road as a public monument to those who have worked for peace, resisted war or fought against the causes of war for a more just and peaceful world. 

From activists and artists, to former politicians and soldiers, the range and diversity of those celebrated for their contributions is inspiring and enduring.

On the centenary of Australia’s vote against conscription during World War One, 16 October 2016, we inaugurated the Honour Roll. It is part of the Living Museum program we run here Addi Road.

Metal plaques with names with flannel flowers amongst them

The location of the Honour Roll for Peace is highly significant, as Addi Road was formerly a military depot from 1916 until 1975. The gates have seen thousands of service men and women pass by, in peace time and in war, as volunteers and under compulsory service, as well as hundreds of protesters keeping vigil as young men were drafted for service during the Vietnam War.

Community members can nominate those they believe have made enduring contributions to peace—either locally or more broadly.

Nominate a ‘peace hero’

Do you know someone – living or from the past – who should be recognised for their enduring contributions to peace? Nominate them for a plaque on the Honour Roll for Peace.

It costs $66 to dedicate a plaque to your ‘peace hero’ and you will help grow a very special kind of public memorial to often untold histories. Plaques are etched and installed twice a year.

Book an excursion

Addi Road welcomes school groups for excursions and workshops to learn about the Honour Roll for Peace and the history of Addison Road as an army depot. 

A living museum 

We treat Addi Road as a Living Museum; from pre-colonisation, to a market garden, to a military depot all the way to now as Australia’s largest non-profit community centre, we’re proud of our rich and dynamic history.

That’s why we run our Living Museum program – to record, respect and commemorate all that has happened here at Addi Road.

A walk through time

We have a self-guided, interactive history tour of Addi Road, covering it’s use as a military depot in World War One through to it’s current use as a community centre.

We designed and built this Heritage Trail in 2015 as walk back in time across our 3.6 hectare site .