The Heart of the Inner West

Addi Road is well placed to host your next community event. We have ample parking, buses stopping at our entry gates and are a short walk from Stanmore station.

Available for booking year round our venues are ideal for community meetings, film screenings, concerts, celebrations, workshops and more.


1. StirrUp Gallery

Low-cost, subsidised art gallery suited for exhibitions, film screenings or small workshops.

2. Gumbramorra Hall

High capacity hall for community meetings, performances and large gatherings.

3. Gumbramorra Green

Large grassy outdoor space located next to the Gumbramorra Hall.

Community solidarity

In addition to running our own programs and services, Addi Road hosts vibrant and meaningful community events, like the Addi Road Writers’ Festival and the Public Schools Arts Exhibition.

We also provide below-market-rate rent to house over 40 organisations and local artists here on site in Marrickville.