Living Museum

The Living Museum forms the basis of our Addi Road’s commitment to documenting the vibrant history of our 3.6 hectare heritage site.

From pre-colonisation to it’s use as a military depot, all the way to it’s transformation as the birthplace of multicultural Australia, there is a rich and deep history here that we are preserving for future generations.

The stories of this special place reflect the major events of our nation, from the appropriation of Aboriginal land to the birth of multiculturalism, with several wars and cultural shifts in between.

Along with the Indigenous, colonial and 20th-century military histories of the site, the history of Addison Road Community Centre itself is highly significant. It is one of the oldest and largest community centres in Australia, founded in 1976 thanks to the efforts of local advocates and activists, ethnic welfare groups, childcare and arts workers, social workers, performers and environmentalists.

Forty-five years on, the vision of a place of opportunity for multicultural communities to thrive and find voice through the arts and culture continues to develop at Addi Road.

Addi Road hosts school excursions and workshops to learn about the history of our site and its significance to the community. To book an excursion or workshop, fill out our booking form.

Heritage Trail:
a walk through time

A self-guided journey through the history of our very special nine-acre site the Heritage Trail takes you on a wheelchair-accessible loop through our heritage site.

Three audio listening-posts play excerpts from our oral history collection and seven information panels cover the most significant stories and historical periods in the life of Addison Road:

  • Save Our Sons anti-conscription movement
  • World War One army depot
  • freshwater creek
  • horses of Addi Road
  • Leave and Transit Depot
  • Purdy family’s farm

Along the trail you’ll see buildings and landscape formed in the early years of the twentieth century and cross an ancient waterway that lies beneath the grass and bitumen.

Opening times

The Heritage Trail is open whenever our main entry gates are open and best taken during daylight hours and fine weather. Parts of the Trail are inaccessible during the Marrickville Markets on Sundays.

Addi Road Living Museum Heritage Trail map

Guided tour

Interested in booking a guided tour for school excursions and workshops? Fill out our request form and one of our team will be in touch to organise a date with you.