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Shifa-Kanyini at Addi Road. Photo by Peter Arfanis.
25 November 2023 / Arts & Culture, Human rights, Social Justice

Healing Fire

Last night we came together in a ‘healing circle’ around a fire at Addi Road. Our event was called Shifa-Kanyini… in Arabic the word ‘shifa’ means healing; in Pitjantjatjara the word ‘kanyini’ evokes a concept of responsibility and unconditional love for all creation.
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Kim and her daughter outside Addi Road Food Pantry Marrickvile, 17 November 2023. Photo Mark Mordue.
17 November 2023 / Arts & Culture, Food Relief, Human rights, Social Justice, Sustainability

Telling a Better Story

Our customers of the week, Kim and her daughter, tell us about their lives and give us some thoughts on why Addi Road Food Pantry is such a beautiful place to visit.
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Addi Road CEO Rosanna Barbero at work in our Food Relief Hub. Photo Mark Mordue.
1 November 2023 / Food Relief, Human rights, Social Justice, Sustainability

Close to Home

A new report from Food Bank Australia reveals that 3.7 million households (36%) experienced moderate to severe food insecurity in the last year. The report also reveals that almost half of Australia’s population is feeling anxious about being able to consistently afford or access adequate food.
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Douglas at Addi Road Food Pantry. Photo by Mark Mordue.
30 October 2023 / Food Relief, Human rights, Social Justice, Sustainability


We met Douglas waiting outside the Addi Road Food Pantry Marrickville. He told us a little about his life and gave us a few shopping and cooking tips.
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Carlos Femenias at Addi Road
20 October 2023 / Arts & Culture, Human rights, Social Justice

Homage to Carlos Femenias

Carlos isn’t here anymore. We miss him and we remember him. It’s a terribly sad thing when someone dies. Partly because they have never entirely left us. The larger their lives, the longer they live on through our memories and all they have done for us. Carlos Femenias was one of those giants in the heart. And Addi Road acknowledges his passing as something very significant and important today.
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6 October 2023 / Human rights, Social Justice

Singing at the Crossroads

Noel Pearson visited Addi Road with Amar Singh and Michael O'Loughlin to speak about The Voice. You can read about the inspiring day here.
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L-R: Maria and Dina at Addi Road, August 2023. Photo Mark Mordue.
9 September 2023 / Arts & Culture, Human rights, Social Justice

Maria’s Story

Fragments and tears; big feelings in each silence that falls between the words. Maria Fotiadis has had a long history with Addi Road, going back to the early 1970s when the Greek community began gathering here in Marrickville, bringing to life what would be formally established as the Addison Road Community Centre in 1976. She remembers the other communities that allied with them, the Turkish and Yugoslav and Italian people in particular, the nights they’d organise to sing, play music and dance and celebrate each nation’s unique culture and history...
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Addi Road wins NSW Premier’s Multicultural Communications Award 2023 for 'Die. Or Die Trying'
25 August 2023 / Arts & Culture, Human rights, Social Justice

Add Road wins a NSW Multicultural Communications Award

Last night we gathered together again as one when our film ‘Die. Or Die Trying: Escaping the Taliban’ won a NSW Premier’s Multicultural Communications Award. Our successful nomination was in the Public Interest Award’s category for “outstanding public interest journalism upholding the NSW Multicultural Principles”.
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The Fijian Community arrives at Addi Road for Wednesday Night Lights. Photo Mark Mordue.
23 August 2023 / Arts & Culture, Food Relief, Social Justice, Sustainability

Night Songs

‘Here Comes the Night’ sings out over the road out front of the Addi Road Food Pantry in Marrickville. A low-flying plane is coming in to land, adding to the Inner West soundtrack. The old Them song is a 1960s classic, with Van Morrison’s voice exultant and oddly melancholy, as if all of us somehow got lost in an old radio for a little while.
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CEO Rosanna Barbero and Craig Foster at the opening of Addi Road Food Pantry in 2020.
22 August 2023 / Food Relief, Human rights, Social Justice, Sustainability

Food, Justice, Community

Food on the table restores pride, provides a breathing space for families and individuals alike to keep going while under pressure. It's a matter integral to self-respect, offering a breathing space as incomes are sucked into rising rents and cost-of-living pressures that negate people's ability to feed themselves. Mental health, relationships, emotional stamina, children's levels of anxiety, the room to innovate in some small way and climb out of your difficulties is shot to pieces if you can't afford enough food to get by each day.
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