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11 February 2022 / Featured, Food Rescue

Many Make Us One

You can see here in the photo some of our Friday morning crew – from left to right: Louise, Laurie, Terry and Tanja – taking a well-earned coffee-break before things get busy with a coming delivery to the Addi Road Food Pantry...
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10 February 2022

Nourishing the Frontlines at RPA Hospital

It’s 2.37am and a message pings through on Addi Road’s Instagram feed. Someone is awake late into the night, and they want to communicate with us. We won’t see the message from the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital in Camperdown till the following morning. “I am a midwife on the Postnatal floor,” it says....
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1 February 2022

‘The Return of Addi Road’

Change your channel to be part of the new series, 'The Return of Addi Road'. All your old favourites are back along with plenty of guest stars and a community cast of thousands. Time to turn on!
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1 February 2022

Australia Day with Moz

:I feel there is a connection between Invasion Day, Aboriginal people and refugees. We are inherently connected."
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12 January 2022 / Featured, Social Justice

Djokovic is out. Now let the Refugees go.

Following Novak Djokovic’s successful appeal against the revocation of his visa, let us not forget the 33 refugees who for a brief few days came alive in the light reflected into the Park Hotel where they’re imprisoned in their 9th year.
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21 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

#HampersofHope – the week in pictures

During our #HampersofHope week our donors, supporters, partner organisations and volunteers all came together as one. We hope this photo album gives you a glimpse of the camaraderie and community spirit at work at Addi Road in the lead-up to this Christmas.
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16 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

The Soft Machine

#HampersofHope 2021... Bondi Sunset Music set up a bluesy jazzy groove with Craig Foster guesting on hand drums. The mood suits something more reflective and softer as everyone absorbs what is going on...
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13 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

Step Into Christmas

The first day of Addi Road's #HampersofHope 2021 swings into action.
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9 December 2021 / Featured

Kicking Off

Brett Kirk of the Sydney Swans swung by Addi Road today with a special delivery for us. 2,000 Swans caps to go with our #HampersofHope for Christmas!!!
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9 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue

All for One and One for All

Morning tea for all our volunteers. Of course, it is pelting down raining again. So, the annual event is held under cover, appropriately enough inside our Gumbramorra Hall, better-known these days for having been converted into the Addi Road Food Relief Hub. The volunteers know this place inside out.
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