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13 April 2022 / Arts & Culture, Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

Another Rainy Day in Sydney

Backyard table; golden leaves. Addi Road autumn in Marrickville. So much rain the wood of the old table is soaked right through. More than a moment’s silence can be found here. Our hearts and minds with friends in Lismore and all those flood-affected at this time.
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13 April 2022 / Arts & Culture, Featured, Social Justice

Easy Rider

Jennifer Killen is the force behind The Fair Trade Emporium. She’s also the beloved teacher and guiding light for ‘ZOOM Aunties’.
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25 March 2022 / Featured, Social Justice

Farhat and Her Love of School

Farhat Kohistani is making her protest. For the almost one million school-age girls now shut out of the education system by the Taliban. For the almost 15 million women trapped in her homeland beneath their oppressive rule.
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22 March 2022 / Featured, Social Justice

Walk This Way

Osmond Chiu, Chairperson for Inner West Multicultural Advisory Committee, sits down for an interview with Addi Road on 'International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination'.
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12 March 2022 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

After the Flood

Witness a community rallying together, taking care of its own problems in the absence of larger coordinated efforts. Small charities and civil society groups have been joining in, creating solutions when they are need most: today, right now.
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12 March 2022 / Arts & Culture, Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

International Women’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day 2022. Theme: #BreaktheBias. How do we make a picture that tells this story? Simply by inviting those women nearest us on an ordinary day at Addi Road in Marrickville.
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12 March 2022 / Arts & Culture, Featured, Social Justice

Reach for the Sky

We’re marking International Women’s Day 2022 with yet another play on our ‘Addi Road meets Abbey Road’ image-making. Our fourth fab female Beatle for the morning is AWOL, so photographer Dani Harte encourages Kween and her kids to have fun while we wait.
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28 February 2022 / Arts & Culture, Featured, Social Justice

Addi Road meets Abbey Road

Taking our cues from the iconic cover for The Beatles’ Abbey Road, Addi Road has started work on a fresh visual project for the year. We're kicking it off by celebrating Mardi Gras in Sydney!
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11 February 2022 / Featured, Food Rescue

Many Make Us One

You can see here in the photo some of our Friday morning crew – from left to right: Louise, Laurie, Terry and Tanja – taking a well-earned coffee-break before things get busy with a coming delivery to the Addi Road Food Pantry...
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10 February 2022

Nourishing the Frontlines at RPA Hospital

It’s 2.37am and a message pings through on Addi Road’s Instagram feed. Someone is awake late into the night, and they want to communicate with us. We won’t see the message from the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital in Camperdown till the following morning. “I am a midwife on the Postnatal floor,” it says....
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