Featuring the birds-eye views of Jayda Bicer, this report on Addison Road’s inaugural 2019 Rethinking the Urban Forest conference, is an illustrated record of the speakers and their ideas across the day.

We enjoyed the company and vision of nearly 30 presenters along with over 180 participants. A phenomenal success and a far reaching event that exceeded even our own best hopes and dreams.

Along with a feature article and various media articles and radio interviews available elsewhere at our website, we thought you might appreciate another way of looking at the conference – and how our speakers and their ideas grew into a canopy of actions and thoughts.

A fresh way of looking at things for an innovative event, a real tree of life on the day.

Download our visual report on Rethinking the Urban Forest 

Rosanna Barbero, the CEO of Addi Road:

“A collective thank you to the presenters, the organising committee, participants, sponsors, moderators and the staff and volunteers of the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation. A grass roots organisation such as ours, relies on the support and cooperation of our whole community.

“Each and everyone of you made the Conference compelling, as the following pages attest. Addi Road’s environmental and social justice programs have naturally informed the Rethinking the Urban Forest conference…

“We remain committed to innovative, creative and collaborative ways of moving forward.”