Food rescue

The most significant climate action each of us can take is: to stop food going into landfill.

Here in Sydney, people are hungry while thousands of kilos of good food is thrown out every day.

At Addi Road we rescue food and fight hunger and make good food accessible to people experiencing food insecurity.

Diverting good food from landfill

The food we rescue is made available to some of the most vulnerable people in our community at our Addi Road Food Pantry and Food Relief Hub. This includes people experiencing homelessness and unemployment, single-parents, students, those on low incomes and others who find themselves struggling to put enough food on the table.

Every week we rescue a whopping 8 tonnes of food!

The War on Waste (WOW!) Food Inner West initiative is supported by NSW EPA.

Food Rescue Alliance

We collaborate the many community service organisations across the Sydney who provide daily food relief for their communities.

The Inner West Food Rescue Alliance, set up by Addi Road, determines ways that we can all work together to recover more surplus food, share equipment and resources and reach more people in need. 

$20 billion of food wasted every year

This year 3.6 million Australians (15%) experienced food insecurity. We waste $20 billion worth of food annually.

Food insecurity can negatively impact children in both the short and long term — their academic ability and health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The most affected are First Nations people (24%); unemployed people (23%); single parent households (23%); and low-income earners (20%).

Latest News

16 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

The Soft Machine

#HampersofHope 2021... Bondi Sunset Music set up a bluesy jazzy groove with Craig Foster guesting on hand drums. The mood suits something more reflective and softer as everyone absorbs what is going on...
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13 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

Step Into Christmas

The first day of Addi Road's #HampersofHope 2021 swings into action.
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9 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue

All for One and One for All

Morning tea for all our volunteers. Of course, it is pelting down raining again. So, the annual event is held under cover, appropriately enough inside our Gumbramorra Hall, better-known these days for having been converted into the Addi Road Food Relief Hub. The volunteers know this place inside out.
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23 November 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue

Making The Fijian Connection

Keresi 'Grace' Rabuatoka is the force behind The Fijian Community in Sydney. She has just organised – independently – to send a shipment of Addi Road hampers back to very hungry people in Fiji. A true community powerhouse.
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23 November 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue

Jack and the Reindeer: A Xmas Story

At first it is hard to figure out what the heck is going on. A gentleman by the name of Jack appears to be presenting Annerie with some type of psychedelic bouquet, a treasure-and-trash flower that is bursting out every-which-way.
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18 November 2021 / Arts & Culture, Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

Radio Knight

Dominic Knight is here recording a documentary for his Sunday morning program on ABC Sydney 702. The ex-Chaser man has asked Addi Road CEO Rosanna Barbero for “a royal tour”.
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27 October 2021 / Arts & Culture, Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

The Story Teller

Addi Road inspired Mike Williams to create a half-hour documentary, ‘The Dignity Business’, for Radio National’s Earshot program.
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18 October 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue

Food of Love

Things have changed for Ethan and Brad-Lee. Earlier this year Brad-Lee had a brain haemorrhage. But it was not the sad story it could have been.
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9 October 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

The Keeper

“I have loved it here,” say Clint Bolton, the former football goalkeeping star. “You get to a point in your life where you realise the most important thing is the relationships that you have with with people. Coming here, I’ve been inspired."
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30 September 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue

The Giving Days

Kim and Hannah are here from Junction Neighbourhood Centre (JNC) filling up a van load of hampers at the Addi Road Food Relief Hub. Both of them have seen a lot with COVID-19 and its impact in the community.
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Donations Act.

The Civil Liability Amendment (Food Donations) Act 2005, known as the Good Samaritan Act, protects food donors by limiting the liability of individuals and businesses that donate food, providing they meet certain food safety conditions: The food is donated in good faith for a charitable or benevolent purpose; the food is safe to eat when it leaves the possession or control of the donor; the donor gives the charity any information it needs to ensure the ongoing safety of the food.