Thursday morning at Addi Road’s #HampersofHope and our packing logistics and volunteer numbers have been affected by concerns around rising covid infections in Sydney in the wake of OMICRON. Bondi Sunset Music set up a bluesy jazzy groove with Craig Foster guesting on hand drums. The mood suits something more reflective and softer as everyone absorbs what is going on.
Our game plan for #HampersofHope has been to create over a 1000 gift hampers in time for people in need this Christmas. We are well on the way to reaching our target thanks to a tsunami of supporters and volunteers overwhelming us over the last few days. Community, charity and civil society organisations – and big-hearted individuals in contact with local needs – are already delivering hundreds of hampers across the city.
At Covid testing centres all over you can meanwhile see the long lines; people are feeling a little nervous, unsure. It makes us more conscious that our gift hampers have a greater meaning, symbolising a calming spirit that lets people know we are all connected to one another, not forgotten and not alone.
If we were overwhelmed before by the help we received at Addi Road by so many magnificent individuals, schools, corporates and community organisations, we’re conscious of a different closeness in the work we are doing today – and who it’s for.

Thank you for being here with us. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.
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