Statistics indicate that the average NSW household throws away $77 worth of edible food every week!

Matt Kean, the NSW Minister for Energy and Environment, rightly sees this as a big problem, and is strongly engaging with promoting Love Food Hate Waste NSW and Love Food Communities.

We want to thank Matt Kean for recognising our work around food rescue and preventing food waste as an excellent model to imitate – and for encouraging others to join the fight!

Addi Road is deeply involved in this isssue, having committed to the ‘War on Waste’ way back in 2014. The Food Pantry is our ‘food rescue and food security’ supermarket – and we now operate a series of associated outreach programs and initiatives that include our Vege-Table Mondays and Mama Penny projects.

At Addison Road Community Organisation our Food Pantry is on its way to preventing nearly ten tonnes of perfectly good from going into landfill this month of October alone. A very practical result, thanks to our supporters and the cooperation of many local businesses and individuals.

We know we can all do better: in our homes and in our business practices.

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