Last month we caught up with Deborah & Judy, discerning shoppers at the Food Pantry, both are the main food providers at home and believe in rescuing good food destined for landfill. As a regular shopper at the Food Pantry, Deborah has observed pensioners and young people shopping alongside of her who come to get really good food for the week at a minimal cost.

“On the whole the shopping experience is awesome” according to Judy who commented also on how friendly and helpful the volunteers are at the Food Pantry. Judy also pointed out the cooking experience at home has improved because of the food pantry “we set ourselves a creative challenge to cook with only what has been rescued via the Food Pantry”.

Deborah feels quite strongly about the initiative on a whole adding that “the most important part of this project is that food is given out that would otherwise become landfill. It’s a win-win situation, we the consumers are benefiting, the charity is benefiting, which means the local community is benefiting.”

Along with our alliance partners The Exodus Foundation Newtown Mission Mums 4 Refugees Rozelle Neighbourhood Centre Inc. and others, we have more and more people each week in need & looking to save good food going to landfill.

Become a donor or encourage your local supermarket/supplier/distributor/coop to become one.