Mayor Darcy Byrne’s announcement this morning that the Inner West Council “has decided to convert the Summer Hill depot into a reuse centre for non-government-organisations like Reverse Garbage and The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre” is welcome news for us all.
Both organisations will no doubt be rejuvenated by the news of their new premises and the move. We wish them well and look forward to visiting once Reverse Garbage and The Bower have re-established themselves at their new home. We are especially happy they can remain just down the road in the Inner West.
It’s great, too, that the Inner West Council has stepped up to help struggling businesses like Reverse Garbage and The Bower – and that the IWC are further promoting environmentally-minded practices in other ways across our community. Let’s keep working together on this important vision.
As a charity, Addison Road Community Organisation has been unable to provide the ongoing levels of support and rental subsidies that operations like Reverse Garbage and The Bower have required. In addition, significant construction works remain unresolved for each building due to a lack of funding. Thanks to the Inner West Council creating a new reuse centre especially for them, Addi Road will now be better able to develop workable and sustainable solutions sensitive to the heritage-site demands of the Centre here – while Reverse Garbage and The Bower are provided with the perfect heavy-usage, purpose-built location and opportunity for their own regeneration. It’s a happy solution for everyone.
Addi Road feels confident that our centrally-located and brilliant community site here in Marrickville will attract new partners who can work with us on rejuvenating and renovating the historic buildings, whilst bringing fresh perspectives on sustainability and the environment. We welcome the opportunity to make our community a better and more dynamic place for everyone.
Inner West Council Lord Mayor Darcy Byrne’s announcement runs below (Facebook, 09/09/2020, 7.45am):
BREAKING: Council has decided to convert the Summer Hill depot into a reuse centre for non-government-organisations like Reverse Garbage and THE BOWER Reuse & Repair Centre to keep these vital recycling services in the Inner West (and attract new ones). SHARE THE GOOD NEWS: We are determined to be a national leader in sustainability and this reuse centre will help us to make it happen. Many local people have contacted me to express concern about Reverse Garbage and the Bower having to leave Addison Road and the Inner West. While we’d love to see them stay at Addison Road that is outside of our control and we have decided to act to make sure that these and other recycling services have a home in the People’s Republic. We are also looking at lands that we own at Ashfield and Tempe for use as a food recycling processing plant to serve all of Sydney. The NSW Government has refused to act to deliver a food recycling scheme for our city (as most other capital cities have) and we can’t wait for them to get their act together. The people of the Inner West are committed to building a truly sustainable community – we are providing the infrastructure to help our community to get the job done.

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