Look who is the cover star for today’s edition of the Good Weekend inside the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s The Age. Only our good friend and ally, CRAIG FOSTER.
These last few years Craig has been a powerhouse for Addi Road, coming down to the community centre here in Marrickville on his motorbike (on his ‘L’ plates!) to volunteer packing hampers and become a force behind everything we were doing from the #RACISMNOTWELCOME campaign to playing a crucial hand in assisting 15 young women escape from the Taliban in Kabul and make Australia their home.
Along the way Craig has pulled in a truckload of media attention and corporate sponsors for us, raising awareness of our work and bringing plenty of fresh ideas of his own, drawing in fellow sports people and loads of friends with big hearts, not least his wife Lara and their three children.
Every Christmas that takes mighty form with #HampersofHope, with Craig, as usual, packing hampers, doing media interviews, sending out Tweets and somehow making time to prepare for his real job as a Stan Sport football announcer. All of this across Covid and lockdowns and beyond, as well as fire and flood and the needs those environmental disasters pressed upon so many. In between doing so much, Craig even got off his ‘L’ plates somewhere along the line. He also accepted a more formal role from and for us an Ambassador of Addison Road Community Organisation.
The Good Weekend article covers just some of this, with special focus on Craig’s dedication to the Republican cause right now. It’s a testament to his closeness with us at Addi Road that Marwa Moeen, Mark Mordue, Sam Mostyn and Addison Road Community Organisation CEO Rosanna Barbero are all given a voice in Craig’s story. Reading the story felt like some kind of extended family affair with a social justice heart.
Suffice to say Craig has made himself at home with us and we like it when he’s around. Knowing him has changed our lives and our world for the better, bringing even more inspiration and strength to the work we do. We love you Craig and you deserve all the good attention you get, each and every day…