Join us at the inaugural Rethinking the Urban Forest Conference on Friday May 24 2019.

Bookings are now open, with Early Bird tickets available until March 29!

Rethinking the Urban Forest will for the first time bring together arborists, academics, activists, ecologists, planners, project managers and politicians from Sydney and beyond to discuss the benefits and roadblocks to achieving a scaling up and speeding of urban forest planning and implementation in the face of climate emergency, habitat/biodiversity loss and our fast-growing urban areas.

Speakers include:

Assoc. Prof. Marco Amati, Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT University
David Callow, Team Leader – Urban Forest & Ecology, City of Melbourne Council
Charles Casuscelli, Chief Executive Officer, Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils
Assoc. Prof. Peter Davies, MQ Centre for Smart Green Cities, Macquarie University
John Douglas, Head of Arboriculture, Ryde TAFE
Gwilym Griffiths, Urban Forest Manager, Inner West Council
Jemilah Hallinan, Outreach Director, Environmental Defenders Office NSW
Dr Adrienne Keane, Sydney University Planning and Nature Conservation
Prof. Michelle Leishman, Chief Investigator for the “Which Plant Where” Project, Macquarie University
Dr Abby Mellick Lopes, Western Sydney University, Cooling the Commons
Michael Sullings, Tree Management Officer, City of Sydney Council
Karen Sweeney, Urban Forest Manager, City of Sydney Council
Dr. Caragh Threlfall, Research Fellow in Urban Ecology, University of Melbourne
Dr Fraser Torpy, School of Life Sciences, University of Technology Sydney

Rethinking the Urban Forest is presented by Addison Road Community Centre in partnership with Inner West Council, Macquarie University, ArborSafe and 202020 Vision.

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