Addison Road Community Organisation in Marrickville is responding to the COVID-19 crisis by extending its food security program and Food Pantry with its new Emergency Food Preparedness and Response Centre.

The Gumbramorra Hall, has been re-purposed as a production and distribution centre, where wonderful staff and volunteers are preparing emergency food hampers. These hampers are being given out to NGOs and charity groups to deliver to their most vulnerable and isolated community members and to people who are unable to visit and shop at the Addi Road Food Pantry.

Addi Road has effectively created a food hub for NGOs – and a hub for individuals in need. Currently Addi Road is the only such service operating in the inner city.

Donations can be made to Addison Road Community Organisation here.

Addison Road Community Organisation CEO, Rosanna Barbero, takes a call at our new Emergency Food Preparedness and Response Centre in Marrickville.