At this time of increased food insecurity, please be mindful of the message from one of our partners, Foodbank:

“We encourage all our agency partners to remember that every item provided to a member of the general public who has the means to purchase that product at a supermarket, is an item that cannot be provided to a client who may not know where their next meal is coming from.”

Addison Road Food Pantry has always had 2 main objectives: to rescue food from landfill, and to provide nourishing food to our most vulnerable.

In these extraordinary times priorities must move and adapt.

Our priority right now is to provide food for those who are experiencing food and/or income stress.

We have developed an Emergency Food Preparedness Program as an extension of that commitment – and to meet the growing need in our community.

Addison Road Community Organisation has re-purposed our Hall as a storage and production centre. Emergency food hampers are being prepared by our volunteer team (pictured) – and will be given to NGO’s to deliver to their most vulnerable and isolated community members who are unable to shop at our Food Pantry.

We are effectively creating a food hub for the NGOs and a hub for individuals in need. And thank you for your support.

Donations can be made to Addison Road Community Organisation here.