Celia has done a beautiful thing. So simple and perfect.
On her blog she talks about shopping at Addi Road Food Pantry Marrickville. Then Celia shares her recipes and explains how Addi Road has become her main shopping place, making delicious meals with rescued food from our Food Pantry.
It’s so beautiful we ask her, ‘Can you send a picture of yourself to go with a story?’
“Here I am with my Addi Road sourdough,” she writes back to us, along with a lovely photo of her with the bread donated every day from The Bread and Butter Factory.
Celia’s recipes are so good – and her attitude to food so deep and heartfelt – you just want to say thank you. For the planet, for the meals she makes, for the spirit in which they are given …
So here is Celia with her diary of recipes and food, and how she made the most of what we had to offer. You might like to make something from what she offers in ‘A Month of Waste-Free Meals’ ….