The ground, upon which we walk on a daily basis, has changed dramatically since Europeans landed upon the shores of this great ancient island continent. Addison Road Community Organisation is a good case in point; the grounds of our centre sit atop the flow of an ancient fresh-water creek. This creek is connected to a complex network of ‘lost’ waterways whose rhythms affect our imagination and influence our urban habitat in visible and unseen ways right up to this day.

Radio 2SER-FM Weekend Breakfast host, Jess Klajman, interviewed Addi Road’s Programs Coordinator, Mina Bui Jones, about ‘Lost Waterways of the Inner West’, the Addison Road Community Organisation event happening this Sunday morning, 8th September, from 10am-till 12pm. The event has been conceived as part of History Week, in sympathy with its theme of ‘Memory and Place’ and our beautiful little part of the world.

Come on down and join the Addison Road Community Organisation for a Sunday morning exploring the secret labyrinth of waterways in Sydney’s Inner West. And please tune in to the Radio 2SER-FM to hear more about it all – conversation here.