International Women’s Day 2022.
Theme: #BreaktheBias
How do we make a picture that tells this story?

Simply by inviting those women nearest us on an ordinary day at Addi Road in Marrickville.

So who is here?

A group of young women who journeyed the hard way to freedom less than six months ago from Kabul to Sydney, and who are still fighting to live a decent and happy life in a new country. A group of young women coping with a language, culture and bureaucracy foreign to them. They live together in the same house. Struggle together. Support one another. They come to us for help, but more than anything for a feeling of home and friendship. Incredibly strong young women carrying the weight of one world and stepping forward into another.

The staff of Addi Road, an organisation that is mostly powered by a unique and remarkable group of women. All of them committed to social justice, the community, environmental issues, food relief and grassroots, independent arts and culture. Not to mention a little irreverent humour and spark as the office kicks along.

Our Addi Road volunteers. Women who give their time, professionalism, life experience and energy to help us run our programs so successfully. Most especially at places like Addi Road Food Pantry Marrickville and Camperdown, and the Addi Road Food Relief Hub, where our volunteers are the key force in everything. Women who give our customers not only a place to shop and access food, but a place to connect in conversation and genuine community.

These are just some of the women gathered in this photo.

What else to say about such an important moment as International Women’s Day 2022?

Addi Road CEO Rosanna Barbero tries to find the words: “You can’t have climate justice, and economic and gender equality, without racial justice. It is all inter-related,” she says, meshing her hands tightly together.

Addi Road celebrates International Women’s Day 2022. Addi Road wishes you a wonderful and powerful day. Addi Road holds its hands together as one.