Coco has come down to the Addison Road Community Organisation’s Food Pantry today for the first time. She and her two friends are looking for food. “Everywhere is cleared out,” she says, “because of the panic buying at the supermarkets.”

“It’s a little bit scary, really,” she admits. “What can you do if you can’t buy food?”

Coco says, “It’s a bit stupid. Some people will eat, and everyone else won’t have anything .”

Her two friends agree. They say, “If no one panicked, we would all be fine. There’d be enough for everyone.”

There’s a funny mix of sadness and anger to the very simple way this group of young people speak their mind. “It doesn’t need to be like this.”

The three of them heard about the Food Pantry through Coco’s mum. Turns out she works as a journalist for a local paper and has written a story about Addi Road’s Food Pantry that will come out today. It’s a small world. “Mum told me it was really good and to check it out. That’s why we are all here.”

They go inside. Like a lot of places, Addi Road’s Food Pantry needs to restock with more groceries and fruit and vegetables – and we are looking for more donations so we can help people in need and keep the doors of our Food Pantry open.

Coco and her friends seem to make the most of it and leave happy anyway, with an armful of pasta, sauce and fruit and vegetables. Dinner is on at their place tonight. Friends will come round.

You can donate here:

Story by Mark Mordue