Food rescue

War On Waste (WOW) Food: Inner West

Food waste is a major issue in the Inner West. Local people experience hunger today as tonnes of perfectly good food is being thrown out.

War on Waste (WOW!) Food Inner West is all about fighting food waste and making healthy food more accessible to people experiencing food insecurity.

We divert 5 tonnes of good food from landfill every week

This has risen to 8 tonnes per week since lockdown began in late July 2021.

The food that we collect at Addi Road Food Pantry is made available to some of the most vulnerable people in our local community. These people include those experiencing homelessness, unemployment, as well as students and others who find themselves struggling to put enough food on the table.

The War on Waste (WOW!) Food Inner West initiative was supported by NSW EPA as part of Waste Less, Recycle More, funded from the waste levy.

Addi Road hosts school excursions and workshops to learn about our WOW! Food Inner West project. To book an excursion or workshop, simply fill out our online booking form.

Food Rescue Alliance

Everyone knows we work better together so that is why we connect up with the many community service organisations across the Sydney who provide daily food relief for individuals and families. The Inner West Food Rescue Alliance, set up by Addi Road, determines ways that we can all work together to recover more surplus food, share equipment and resources and reach out to more people in need. 

$20 billion of food wasted every year

This year 3.6 million Australians (15%) experienced food insecurity. We waste $20 billion worth of food annually.  Food insecurity is a major concern. It can negatively impact children in the short and long term — their academic ability and health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The most affected are Indigenous people (24%); unemployed people (23%); single parent households (23%); and low-income earners (20%).

Latest News

7 November 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

When the Premier came to Addi Road

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian visited Addi Road on Friday 6th November 2020 to see our food security and food rescue work in action.
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6 October 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Faces of Addi Road: Eilish

"Unfortunately, we’ve been given this idea that we can’t create change without having money first. But we can make change. And we don’t have to be rich to do it."
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18 September 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Faces of Addi Road: Sebastian

“Right now I feel that the music of Brahms and this community [at Addi Road] break me free into some other feeling. I was here alone. This community help me. But it is about a lot more than food."
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17 September 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Faces of Addi Road: Paul

“For me personally, I can see that it is not as bad as it could have been. I’m healthy; my friends are all well. I guess I am getting used to the new normal.”
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10 September 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Faces of Addi Road: Kevin

Kevin gets around. He found out about the Addi Road Food Pantry Marrickville at his water aerobics class. “A lady there volunteers here. She told me all about it. This is my first time here. I heard what she said and thought I must come. And I am sure glad I did!”
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4 September 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Faces of Addi Road: Jack

"I don’t want others to feel abandoned. Especially now that I am in a position of privilege, I can give back to others. I’ve finally worked out what I want to do and why I want to help people."
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3 September 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Beautiful Day

See our photo gallery and story on the opening of Addi Road Food Pantry Camperdown. "It’s about the building blocks for a community. That’s why I’m here.” - Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain.
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1 September 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Faces of Addi Road: Gaylene

"There’s a lot of low-income people around here in Camperdown, so they will really appreciate having the Food Pantry opening. But you know, I see people in private accommodation that are struggling. There’s people in nice houses and they are finding it hard even to pay their mortgage.”
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27 August 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Faces of Addi Road: Kate and Max

Kate and Max have been coming to the Addi Road Food Pantry Marrickville “every week since it opened,” she says. Max looks up at his mum, a little sceptical about that claim. “I don’t remember coming when I was in kindy!”
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24 March 2020 / Featured, Food Rescue

Addi Road’s Emergency Food Hampers

Addison Road Community Organisation has re-purposed our Hall as a storage and production centre. Emergency food hampers are being prepared by our volunteer team (pictured) – and will be given to NGO's to deliver to their most vulnerable and isolated community members who are unable to shop at our Food Pantry.
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Donations Act.

The Civil Liability Amendment (Food Donations) Act 2005, known as the Good Samaritan Act, protects food donors by limiting the liability of individuals and businesses that donate food, providing they meet certain food safety conditions: The food is donated in good faith for a charitable or benevolent purpose; the food is safe to eat when it leaves the possession or control of the donor; the donor gives the charity any information it needs to ensure the ongoing safety of the food.