CEO & Founder, Living Legacy Forest

The mission of Living Legacy Forest is “to connect people to beauty that life creates by planting living memorial forests which honour and perpetuate life”. Founded in Melbourne in 2013 Living Legacy Forest has established the best practice standards for green memorials in cremation.

Presentation: Living Legacy Forest has partnered with leading Government Cemetery Trusts, and Government departments around Australia to create a network of new forests, like never before. Warren says that in the next 10 years over 1 million Australians will be cremated spending over 20 billion dollars on funerals.

“Our goal is to collectively channel as much of that revenue to create beautiful forests that the next generation can look up to. These forests are in urban and rural areas and even create habitat for endangered species like the Quokka and Black Cockatoo. We are not just creating forests; we are funding their creation and care while fostering deeper relationship to the land and nature as a whole. Living Legacy Forest is a fundamental shift in how we, as a nation, leave the world."