Urban Forest Manager Inner West Council

Gwilym is currently the Urban Forest Manager at Inner West Council. He is a qualified Arborist, Landscape Designer and Project Manager with extensive experience in the management of trees in the urban context. In his current role Gwilym is responsible for overseeing all functions of urban forest management and during his time at Council has been responsible for the development and implementation of several key strategy and operational improvement programs. Gwilym also has extensive design, construction and contract management experience working in both the private and public sector. His passion for tree management pushes him to continually expand his knowledge and to pursue the implementation of best practice tree management in the industry.

Presentation: The Role of the Street Tree - Challenges and solutions to establishing successful street trees. Trees usually come second to infrastructure such as footpaths and roads, but this thinking cannot be sustained and needs to be turned around. Governments, communities and decision makers need to place significant value on trees and recognise them to be one of the most important natural assets in urbanised area. Space for large trees to establish to full maturity is limited. This is usually exacerbated by poor or disturbed soil conditions in built up areas, and conflicts with underground and aboveground services, to overcome this we need to be smarter in the way we design for and plant trees. How do we do this?