Environmental Scientist; Associate Professor in International Planning at RMIT University

Marco Amati is an environmental scientist with a PhD in urban planning. While mainly focusing on trees and green spaces within urban environments, Marco is also interested in e-planning, urban agriculture, planning history, ageing and planning, and Asian cities. Since 2011 he has conducted urban forestry research that develops techniques and tools to enable local governments to map and record the benefits of urban forest canopy. In 2017 he led a project called ‘Where should all the trees go?’ funded by Hort Innovation that showed that urban forests canopy is declining in metropolitan Australia.

Presentation: All over the world, urban greening is being heralded as a new solution for increasing the resilience of cities. Much greening work is justified under the term ‘ecosystem services’. But in what sense can or should ecosystems provide us with a ‘service’? The objective of this presentation will be to open up a field of discussion on the potential of legal personhood of an urban forest ecosystem to provide a more sustainable and responsible justification for urban forestry and greening.