Project Leader, Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub

Dr Caragh Threlfall is the project leader of the national urban biodiversity theme of the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes (CAUL) Hub, examining how cities influence plants, animals and people. Caragh completed her PhD in urban ecology at UNSW in 2012, before moving to The University of Melbourne to undertake research on the biodiversity of urban green spaces. In 2016 she began work with The CAUL Hub, a consortium funded under the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program. It cultivates cross-disciplinary connections - such as urban ecologists working with experts in the role of urban governance and policy - producing the evidence-base and collaborative partnerships to deliver better cities.

Presentation: Caragh will discuss her research assessing the impact of urban forest management practices on people and wildlife. This project is being conducted in Melbourne in collaboration with three local governments and researchers from five Universities (University of Melbourne, RMIT, University of Tasmania, University of Sydney, and University of Queensland), with the objective of guiding future tree-management decisions. Caragh will provide an overview of findings to date on tree attributes (e.g., size, removal), biodiversity (e.g., bird & insect surveys), and social processes (e.g. human perceptions, connection to nature), which aim to inform a better understanding of the biodiversity and social value of urban trees and develop guidelines for future urban forest management.