CEO, Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC)

Charles is the CEO of WSROC, a membership organisation that represents eight local councils in the Greater Western Sydney region. WSROC brings a collective local government voice to those issues which are critical for Greater Western Sydney's growing population especially the issue of liveability. These include transport, economic development, regional planning, energy and the utilities, waste management, arts and culture, urban heat, health and sustainability. Prior to his role at WSROC Charles held a number of senior executive appointments in the public and private sectors, including agencies representing both the State and Commonwealth governments. His experience has been gained in diverse industries including the military, transport, roads, emergency services, telecommunications, financial, OH&S, market research, professional services and retailing.

Presentation: WSROC’s Turn Down The Heat Strategy is a framework for action that seeks to inform and align the many actions that together address the urban heat island effect. The strategy links the many different elements that together can address the challenges of urban heat beyond just increasing the use of energy for air conditioning of our living, working and public spaces. Is it possible to actually lower the ambient temperature of our neighbourhoods and to also mitigate the effects of extreme heat so that humans can continue to “operate”! WSROC and its partners believe that it is possible.