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13 December 2019

The Gift

Looking for a special place to buy gifts this Christmas? Try Addi Road's Fair Trade Emporium.
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27 November 2019 / Featured

Raise the Rate Drive points to the way

At the ACOSS National Conference 2019 in Canberra this week Addi Road's work on the Raise the Rate campaign was recognised.
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11 November 2019 / Featured

The War on Waste begins

Our Food Pantry currently rescues 1.8 tonnes of food from landfill every week. And we can save even more. 2SER-FM interviews us about our WOW (War on Waste) Food! Inner West campaign.
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11 November 2019

Another Level – The truth about poverty in Australia

Political language being used in Australia indicates we blame individuals for their sudden distress and poverty.
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29 October 2019 / Featured

Reducing Waste

Statistics indicate that the average NSW household throws away $77 worth of edible food every week!
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22 October 2019

Enough with the Apps!

The Mad Pride Festival is here. As the t-shirt slogan puts it, "Hear us. Don't fear us. Walk with us."
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22 October 2019

A New Street in Town

Addison Road Community Organisation has a new address from today, with a new street sign in our Centre's grounds to mark the occasion - ‘Raise the Rate Drive’.
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17 October 2019

ABC Drive Adelaide: Newstart and the Job Providers

"Listening to you and some of these callers there's a sense of dehumanisation about these experiences that is difficult to comprehend if you haven't been through it."
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16 October 2019 / Food Rescue

Feed the People

We ask when the government will step up and do the work it should be doing to create a more equitable society where Australians can feel more sure of their next meal.
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15 October 2019

How to Make Us Happy

Our Councils that claim green credentials need to be careful they don’t head down the path of superficial 'green virtue signalling'... The intended Inner West Council Tree Policy has the capacity to destroy our inner urban trees and canopy.
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