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16 October 2019 / Food Rescue

Feed the People

We ask when the government will step up and do the work it should be doing to create a more equitable society where Australians can feel more sure of their next meal.
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15 October 2019

How to Make Us Happy

Our Councils that claim green credentials need to be careful they don’t head down the path of superficial 'green virtue signalling'... The intended Inner West Council Tree Policy has the capacity to destroy our inner urban trees and canopy.
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13 October 2019 / featured

The Hungry Country

"One in five Australians say they ran out of food at least once in the past year and were unable to buy more, according to a new Foodbank report, with food charities pointing to an alarming 22 per cent spike in people seeking emergency food supplies."
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11 October 2019 / featured

Newstart Senate Inquiry

Members of Addi Road's Inner West 'Raise the Rate' Group attended the Newstart Senate Inquiry today in Sydney. More power to everyone who spoke up about their struggles and the abuses they have battled through.
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9 October 2019

Sir David Attenborough, The Hollow Tree and Arden the Artist

Sir David Attenborough has just written back to Arden, one of the children whose art features in our children's book 'The Hollow Tree'.
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1 October 2019

Mental Health Month – Addi Road shares the journey on 2SER-FM

"It's very difficult to come together in a real physical way and very easy to feel that you're on your own. So it's really great Addison Road Community Organisation is putting together a day like 'Community.a.Fair' for Mental Health Month."
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22 September 2019

Global Climate Strike Sydney 2019

Friday, September 20th 2019: The Global Climate Strike in Sydney gathers in the Domain and marches to Hyde Park. "The youth are rising, no more compromising." A photo essay from Addison Road Community Organisation.
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13 September 2019

Rethinking Wasn’t Meant to be Thoughtless

Just months after the Inner West Council (IWC) supported Addison Road Community Organisation’s 'Rethinking the Urban Forest Conference', which attracted experts and participants from around Australia, IWC appears to have reset its policy thinking on tree canopy to destruction mode.
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12 September 2019

Pluto Beat

“There’s an anxiousness in the air. I don’t really know how to name the feeling. It’s not so much a personal anxiety, more a feeling from around the planet and for the planet. And with it a need for people to get together and get to know each other.” - DJ Gemma
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7 September 2019

Secret Rivers, Hidden Streams

2SER-FM Weekend Breakfast host, Jess Klajman, spoke with our Programs Coordinator, Mina Bui Jones, about ‘Memory and Landscapes’, an Addison Road Community Organisation event happening this Sunday morning, 8th September, 10am-12pm, exploring the hidden and 'lost' waterways running beneath Sydney’s Inner West.
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