Addison Road Community Organisation

We’re a charity working with the community to make the world a fairer and greener place. We’re leaders in the grassroots #RacismNotWelcome campaign with our Ambassador, Craig Foster.

We rescue food, fight hunger and stand in solidarity with diverse communities in times of need.

Every week we divert over 8 tonnes of food from going to landfill and provide food to more than 8,000 people through our Addi Road Food Pantries in Marrickville and Camperdown and our Addi Road Food Relief Hub. 

We rely on the commitment of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and generous donors to make this possible.

The best way to help?

Make a donation. This goes directly to buy bulk dry goods and fruit & vegetables (at super low prices only available to charities).

Prefer to donate via EFT? Email us.


13 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue, Social Justice

Step Into Christmas

The first day of Addi Road's #HampersofHope 2021 swings into action.
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9 December 2021 / Featured

Kicking Off

Brett Kirk of the Sydney Swans swung by Addi Road today with a special delivery for us. 2,000 Swans caps to go with our #HampersofHope for Christmas!!!
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9 December 2021 / Featured, Food Rescue

All for One and One for All

Morning tea for all our volunteers. Of course, it is pelting down raining again. So, the annual event is held under cover, appropriately enough inside our Gumbramorra Hall, better-known these days for having been converted into the Addi Road Food Relief Hub. The volunteers know this place inside out.
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Addi Road in years gone by

Only just over 200 years ago, this land was a seasonal wetland on the edge of a tall ironbark and turpentine forest cared for by the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. 

Addi Road was also an army barracks from 1916 until 1976 when the Commonwealth handed over a tired and dilapidated army depot to be used as a community and recreational space.