Addison Road Community Organisation

We are a charity working with the community to make the world a better, greener, fairer place.

We rescue food and feed over 8,000 vulnerable people each week and have a lead role in the grassroots #RacismNotWelcome campaign with our Ambassador Craig Foster.

Can you help?

With the Sydney lockdown, people are really struggling. We’ve seen a sharp rise in the number of people contacting us for food relief. Casual workers, especially, have no income. Please consider donating.


December 12, 2020 / featured, Food Rescue

Working Together on Hampers of Hope

The best gifts often have a story behind them. This coming week at Addi Road we will be putting together 1000 ‘Hampers of Hope’ for the holiday season...
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December 5, 2020 / featured, Food Rescue

Raising Voices

"I do associate art with politics. I do sing political songs; but not pamphlet songs. I try to raise awareness of issues. I try to arouse critical thinking. I try to promote all the voices that are suppressed or that are not given an outlet.” - Justo Diaz
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December 2, 2020 / featured, Food Rescue

The Man With No Face

“If I weren’t in community housing I’d be out in the streets. If I could not get good food at the prices I can here at the Food Pantry I’d starve. I’m separated, but I still have to look after the kids. They come stay with me. How can you sit at a table with your kids and have them say ‘I’d like something to eat’, and you can’t provide it? I’m eating now because of this place. I’m feeding my kids a decent a meal."
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