“Have they thought of giving people hamsters?”

Wil Anderson is confused … not about the importance of Addi Road’s 2022 Hampers of Hope donation drive, he’s crystal clear about that, no, more about, well … when you watch the video, it’ll become clear.

The star of ABC TV’s Gruen, mega successful stand-up comedian, author and all round pretty top bloke has added his name to a list of other talented, generous celebrities who’ve signed up to help us reach out to our community this year.

Let’s face it, this is the end of what was for many, another very tough year.

For some, tougher than others.

The festive season should be a love fest but, for some, it can be very difficult.

December 2022 sees Addi Road’s fourth offering of Hampers of Hope to our community, boxes of serious goodies; chocolates, luxe soaps and skin lotions, gourmet cookies…this list goes on… but we need funds to pay for it all.

Over the years, we’ve received generous support that’s helped us create over 1,000 hampers per season. This year we want to push that figure higher, and include as many folks as possible to share in the joy.

“Sometimes it’s the only gift the families who receive them will get,’ Wil reminds us.

Sadly true. (but to be clear Wil, they’re HAMPERS)

Help Addi Road by donating here.