$10 Food Relief Boxes

We are now offering food boxes packed full of necessities with pasta, sauces, rice beans, chocolate as well as a mixed bag of fruit and veg and a loaf of bread. The box is available for pick up or if you are unable to get down to the Food Pantry, we can organise FREE delivery.

Each food box includes:

1 x Barilla Tortellini
1 x Barilla Pasta Sauce
1 x Baked Beans
1 x Black Beans
1 x Brown Rice
1 x Oatcakes crackers
2 x Sedaap noodles
1 x Cadbury Easter Bunny

1 x mixed bag of fruit & veg
1 x load of sourdough bread


Cost :

If you are looking to donate a box to someone in need, please make a $10 donation through our donation page