$10 Food Relief Boxes

Each week we are packing hundreds of food relief boxes full of staples such as pasta, sauces, rice and beans,  as well as a mixed bag of fruit and veg and a loaf of sourdough bread.

If you are in need of a box of emergency food relief, please call us on 9569 7633 during office hours and we will arrange one for collection.

Pay it forward

You can buy a $10 box for someone else in need, anonymously, or otherwise we will write your name on the box to let someone know that we are all in this together!

Each food box includes (depending on what’s in store)

1 x Barilla Tortellini
1 x Barilla Pasta Sauce
1 x Baked Beans
1 x Black Beans
1 x Brown Rice
1 x Oatcakes crackers
2 x Sedaap noodles
1 x mixed bag of fruit & veg
1 x load of sourdough bread


Cost :

If you are looking to donate mulitiple boxes to people in need, please make a donation through our donation page. and leave a comment in the donation form that it is for Covid Food Relief.